Art and Soul

I loved art as a child. My mom was a professional painter and art teacher, and she put a paintbrush in my hand whenever I was bored. But I had a streak of perfectionism and was sensitive to criticism. I had the experience that many people had in school: my teachers told me I wasn’t very good at it. So I quit. For 25 years!

joan-of-arc-240But about 12 years ago, I rediscovered my love of making beautiful things, and since then have been playing with art for the sheer joy of it. I’ve learned that I don’t have to be “very good” at it!

Images and symbols speak to a different part of us than do words. They can convey important messages that we need to see in order to express our Soul’s beauty, to understand who we are, to heal the hurting parts of ourselves, and to transform into the person we were meant to be!

The growing body of evidence shows that the arts can be an influential factor in improving physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Altar Ego’s Art and Soul workshops are designed to harness the power of art for healing and transformation. The ultimate goal is to inspire, activate, educate and integrate visual arts and beauty into your daily life. To remind you that art is fun! To excavate your soul’s wisdom through creativity and conversation, for the purpose of expressing your authentic voice in the world.

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I teach Art and Soul weekly at Valley Behavioral Health, and at St. Mark’s Hospital Behavioral Health Unit, and continue to teach classes and facilitate support groups and workshops for various churches, and the YWCA.

I am available to facilitate one-time or program classes for your private group, church or organization. Give me a call or reach me via my Contact Me page.