Creating the Sacred


An altar is a place to focus attention on sacred matters; intentions, prayers, ideas, worship, gratitude. Spending time with images and objects placed on an altar can bypass the linear, logical mind, to a creative and open space, to the presence of the Divine.

I love creating altars! I teach classes on preparing and decorating altars for whatever your purpose, and also offer my services to create an altar for your ceremony, service or event.


Ceremonies can mark the important events and junctures in our lives. Taking the time to acknowledge these days with personal rituals make them even more special! Celebrating transitions with loved ones can help to move us from one time of life to another with grace, ease and joy!

As an interfaith chaplain, I would love to officiate at your wedding! I’m also available for interfaith or secular funerals or memorial services.

Celebrate and mark transitions such as births, rites of passage, birthdays, divorce, moving, rituals for the dying, healing rituals…you name it, there can be a ceremony for it. If you would like ceremony or ritual for your special time, I will create something for or with you.

Sacred Space

Any place can be a sacred space. We create it with our intentions, our imagination, and our reverence. Design, placement, color, ritual, and prayer add to the holiness of our surroundings.

If you’d like a personal or group space for meditation, prayer, or communing with your Greater Self, God, Nature, or the Divine, I will consult with you about your ideas of the Holy, and then design or create and bless your sacred space.

Contact Me

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