06 Mar

Sacred Focus

The other day I was reminded by by my friend, Cole, and by Ann H. Hughes in her blog at http://blog.soulcollage.com/soulcollage-altar/,  that one of the reasons I do the work I do, the very reason I named my Spiritual Direction Practice “Altar Ego,” is that I believe altars carry energy and speak to a very different part of us than the logical, linear mind. They speak to our Souls.

When the whole world feels chaotic;  when I look at news sites or social media, and what I see is divisiveness and angry mobs, I can quickly call myself back to my center with images and with objects that remind me of my Soul’s Essence.


My altars (with an s because when I look around my studio or house, there are little altars everywhere) display my intentions, my hopes, my beliefs. They also help me to grapple with the internal struggles I feel when confronted with evidence that the whole world doesn’t want what I want. Not everyone wants peace. Not everyone wants cheesecake either!

Altars can help me take a literal look at my projections and move more toward compassion than combativeness. Less judgement and more understanding.

An altar can remind me to forgive (both myself and others…and after all it’s the same thing, isn’t it?), and then turn to the important stuff,  which for me is creative living. Making things. Whether that means creating a painting, a SoulCollage® card, a good meal (OK, I haven’t created many of those lately), a beautiful home (or at least a comfortable one),  a business plan, an altar, a blog…

I’m not saying this is effective all of the time. I can get caught up in my self-righteousness as much as the next gal. I can even waste precious hours of my life justifying my indignation; finding all kinds of evidence for my high-falutin’ stances…

But. I believe we all have a mission, a purpose, a calling. When I create a sacred space to come to again and again, I can forgive myself again and again, and then get on with mine.