Group Spiritual Direction



These small spiritual direction groups meet twice monthly, and commit to 6 month intervals. The groups are comprised of 4 to 6 women and men.

The purpose of these groups is not counseling or therapy. Nor are they intended to be places where we can engage in aimless, self-absorbed conversations. The purpose of spiritual direction groups is formation. Spiritual formation in Awakenings is “a process of becoming conformed to our Soul’s value and purpose for the sake of others.” The intentional goal of group spiritual direction is to help each participant become more aware of Spirit or Love in their lives, for the sake of others. In other words, it leads to an awakening of the Soul. This awakening then leads to a life that is purposeful and intentional. Group spiritual direction helps individuals grow in their love for others more fully, to become the authentic Soul they are meant to be, and participate in that mission more effectively.

The spiritual journey is the most difficult thing you may ever endeavor to do. It means that the person you thought you were may have to die so that the person you really are can show up. As your spiritual director, I will walk with you on your spiritual journey, listen as you uncover your true purpose, and support you as you discover your true path. I will point out things that you may not be able to see because they are too close to your field of vision.





But you don’t have to take my word for anything. You are always the expert on your spiritual life. I believe life can be joyous and meaningful. Altar Ego’s purpose is to support you in your spiritual unfolding as you discover your SoulEssence: that unique soul you are meant to be.

$25/session. New Awakenings group forming every six months or so. Watch the events calendar for new groups forming (next group starting in March, 2018).   Let me know if you’d like to be on the wait list, and come see if Awakenings is for you! (I am hoping to form a men’s group soon)

I am a member of Spiritual Directors International

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