08 Apr

The Balancing Act

Every January, I pick a personal word for the coming year. This year I chose the word “Grow.” Which is not a surprising word for me. A quest to be better, to always be learning, to never be satisfied with the status quo…well,  it’s my personality type (enneagram 3/INFJ), and it’s part of my pioneer heritage to keep moving no matter the obstacles. Personal, psychological, and spiritual growth is where I live and breath and have my being (just ask my kids)!

When challenges come up for me, I’ve got a plethora (love that word; plethora, plethora!) of quotes, songs, and mottos swirling around in my head to keep me going. Like this one:


And there’s this: Rocky Theme Song

And this: I’m Gonna be Somebody

And my all-time favorite is: with God possible

(With that one, in my head there’s an add-on. I always hear Wayne Dyer saying, “you tell me what that leaves out!”)

But I get tired. I have to remind myself again and again that it’s all about the journey, not just the destination (altaregojourneys.com-duh!)! I pride myself in my ability to see not just black and white, but  shades of gray…but forget the color! The color!

What about pleasure? What about fun? What about what the Universe is offering me right in this moment?!

I have this great SoulCollage® card, pictured above (one I pulled to consider before writing this blog post).  It shows a man who’s so caught up in creating what’s in his head – good things, beautiful things even – that he’s missing the beauty that’s right in front of him: A gorgeous, colorful rainbow! A gift offered right in that moment!

There’s a blind woman in the collage who can’t see the rainbow, but is wise enough to experience it  through her child companion. She plays music. She feels the wind on her skin. I’ll bet she stops to smell roses. The woman and the child experiencing more Grace – more joy! – than the sighted man of ambition.

Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.

So  I’m heading out of town with some of my fun-loving friends. They aren’t frivolous women; they are definitely women of substance. And they know how to let their hair down and get into their bodies. Eat good food, dance, stay deeply present. And for a person who can’t stand small talk, there will be satisfying conversation and insight. That’s what I intend to do this weekend.

But I’m not waiting until tomorrow…I’ll start right now. I’ll savor this beautiful morning. I’ll laugh with my partner. I’ll take Haku (my one-eyed shih tzu companion) for a walk. I’ll take in the pink blossoms and the azure sky. And I’ll get my hair done!

I’m not forgetting my dreams and goals. I’m too steeped in growth processes and maps of consiousness to get that happy-go-lucky! My yearly word will remain “Grow.” But life’s a great balancing act. I’ll continue trying to balance determination with beauty and will with grace. And remember that with God all things are possible (you tell me what that leaves out!). 😉